What is Gypsy Brew?

One half of this partnership has over 50 years of experience in the industry. The other is a brand developer of romany heritage.

Together they created Gypsy Brew. 

And how did this story unfold?

It was quite simply really…
‘You have a brewery, don’t you Gaz?’

Two friends who hadn’t really spoken much about work since they met in 2012, formed a business partnership in late 2019 based off this simple question.

Our launch has been a long time coming. We were due to start brewing in the Spring of this year – for an August release – but with the madness of 2020, closing down our businesses and future lockdowns on the cards, it’s taken a little longer than we anticipated.

Finally though, we’re here. We’ve launched!

From putting forward the original concept and idea, and the expertise of our head brewer, we knew we needed to push on through.

The Heritage and Brand

The origin of Gypsy Brew comes from Al’s family background. His great great grandfather was a bareknuckle romany gypsy fighter, travelling the fairs from the age of 14 to fight grown men for money. It seems unbelievable that a boy so young would travel around city to city, never mind going toe to toe, fighting other men.

In Al’s younger days he didn’t think much about his romany heritage, but one day over lunch, his Dad showed him pictures of his great grandmother Mary, who was once described by one of his uncles as one of the only women he’d ever seen with tattoos. Alongside her stood the imposing figure that was Al’s great great grandfather.

The pictures and stories really resonated and he began to investigate and take pride in his roots. He’s felt close to the culture and the way of life ever since.

The Experience and Knowledge

Gary was born and bred into the hospitality trade – brought up in a quaint country pub in Weatheroak Hill with the Brewery alongside. In recent years, alongside his Head Brewer, Gary has produced award winning beers and had been wanting to produce bottled beer for some time.

With his unrivalled knowledge of the industry, and Al’s stories of his heritage, the two came together to develop the Gypsy Brew brand. It might seem like the odd thing to do in 2020 – to start up a new venture – but we’ve developed a mantra in the team over the past year and we think everyone should take heed.

We live in some testing times and the future is uncertain, but if you believe in something – in yourself – then it’s no good to always wonder what if…

Be Brave. Be You!