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A small step can also be the beginning of a great journey… this is so true, and so apt for our story so far.

When Gypsy Brew’s two co-founders first met 9 years ago, they little realised that they both shared the same vision – to create a beer brand that was not only visually appealing, but also strong and ambitious enough to make a splash in the fast-growing world of craft beer.


Gaz was born above the gastropub his family have owned since 1968! They also have their very own brewery, which in turn is the heart of this new beer brand. In a world dominated by huge pub chains and mainstream breweries, the family undoubtedly has the business acumen and knows the winning formula to ensure success. 

 Al not only comes from a successful retail background, but one half of his family is of gypsy descent. His great-grandad was a gypsy bare-knuckle boxer in the 1920s and lived in a bow top wagon. Al has created several brands and came up with the idea behind the beer brand. After lots of talks with Gaz and head brewer, Rob, Gypsy Brew was born!

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We are passionate about branding, not only with the shelf appeal of the products but also what’s inside our bottles. So many brands can boast one or the other, but here at Gypsy Brew it was and is our main goal to produce beer that strives for and achieves excellence across the board!